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Pocket Servo Connector Kit

  • Kit with Universal Housings: $20.95

  • Kit with Futaba J Housings: $20.95

  • Just the Case: $2.95

This simple kit will give you all the parts you need to make 10 extensions (except for the wire), and 10 servo ends, and comes in a nice compact case small enough to fit in your pocket. The case seals tightly enough to keep parts from sneaking from one compartment to another. You choose if you want Futaba J or Universal/JR housings. This kit saves you a few dollars over buying the parts seperately. We also provide the plastic case by itself should you want to compile your own kit.

These cases are very high quality and we frequently use them around the lab to store small parts. They have real hinges (not just flexible plastic that breaks after a while) and a secure latch.

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