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Deluxe RC Connector Kit - Version II

  • Complete Kit: 159.95

  • Kit + Stripper: 167.95

  • Just the Case: $10.95 - OUT OF STOCK!!

This is a compilation of many of our connectors. This kit is a perfect choice for the serious radio control hobbyist who has an interest in electronics. Any robot builder will find this arsenal of connectors invaluable. The kit includes nearly a thousand terminals, all of our .1" housings, universal and Futaba J servo connectors, male to female adapters, 6 kinds of header strips, some helpful circuit boards, and our favorite crimping tool. The case is high quality and has a spot to house the crimping tool with room to spare for a few other tools (wire stripper & pliers?). Buying the parts separately would cost over $214. With this discount you're pretty much getting all of the 0.1" housings and header strips for free, so even if you only want a few of the sizes you're still getting a good deal over buying seperately. You can add a wire stripping tool for $8 and we also provide the plastic case by itself should you want to compile your own kit.

This would also be a perfect kit to have around the lab in educational settings, especially in engineering courses. When I was in college I put together a very similar kit for myself and other engineering students were constantly borrowing it to make connectors for their projects.

You can make 40 extensions and 120 servo ends with the connectors in this kit. If you're mostly making extensions you may want to pickup some more wire, sleeves, and male terminals. Also take note that there aren't enough terminals to populate all of the connectors that come with this kit, but you can always come back and buy more in bulk from us.

These cases are very high quality and we use dozens of them around the lab to store various parts and tools. They have real hinges (not just flexible plastic that breaks after a while) and real hinging latches that latch very securely.

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