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Economy Crimping Tool

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This low cost crimping tool will get you started making your own connectors. It has two sets of teeth to allow crimping of 20-30AWG wire. Detailed Crimping instructions are shown in the Connectors PDF linked to below. With the cost of pre-made cables, this economical tool will pay for itself after a few self-made connectors. We sell a case that is perfect for storing this crimping tool and connectors Here. If you're doing a lot of crimping we recommend our deluxe crimping tool.

This tool has two different size sets of teeth and each one has a tiered design that crimps the terminal around the copper and insulation at the same time. For servo connector pins you will usually use the smaller set of teeth but may use the larger set for 20AWG wire. The bigger set can be used for BEC/JST connector terminals with acceptable results but we much prefer our Deluxe Crimping Tool for these connectors.

Buy any crimper and receive a dozen female gold terminals for free! Use these to practice your crimps without having to worry about wasting terminals. Or add them to your collection if you're already an expert!

Please note that all internet orders will be shipped with the bare tool (no packaging) - this helps us keep the size and weight down, and therefore our shipping fees. If you want the tool in the packaging (for a gift, resale, etc..) as shown below, please ask us and we can do it, but we may ask for additional s/h funds.

Connectors (PDF)
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