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Servo Y-Harness PCB

  • 3pcs for $1.95

  • 12pcs for $5.46

  • 30pcs for $9.56

We designed this printed circuit board specifically for making Y-leads. The pcb has cutouts for the servo wire to pass through so the solder joints have strain relief. The solder pads are sized to accomodate wire down to 20AWG. Extra-heavy copper traces on both sides of the board allow currents in excess of 12 amps. Also included is clear heatshrink to cover the finished board. This little pcb is a vast improvement over trying to twist together and heat-shrink each set of wires.

We also sell a mini version for 28-32AWG wire - the sixth photo below shows the two side by side.

Connectors (PDF)
Enlarged Image
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3 4
5 6

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