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Mini Servo Y-Harness PCB

  • 3pcs for $1.85

  • 12pcs for $5.18

  • 30pcs for $9.07

The original Servo Y-Harness PCB sold so well we immediately designed a smaller version for light gauge wire. The pcb has cutouts for the servo wire to pass through so the solder joints have strain relief. The solder pads are sized to accomodate wire down to 28AWG. Our 28AWG Deluxe Servo Wire and 28-32AWG Economy Light Servo Wire will fit in this board (the Economy 28AWG will not - it is a bit too thick to fit through the strain-relief cutouts). Traces on both sides of the board allow currents in excess of 4 amps. Also included is clear heatshrink to cover the finished board. This little pcb is a vast improvement over trying to twist together and heat-shrink each set of wires.

The Mini Y-Harness PCB will come on a strip with score lines between each piece. The score line has to be bent back and forth to break each one free (this has to be done with some care or it won't break cleanly). The last photo below shows the Mini and Original versions side by side.

Connectors (PDF)
Enlarged Image
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3 4
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