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.100" (2.54mm) Latching Polarized (LP) Connectors

This family of connectors, dubbed "LP" for "Latching Polarized" are of roughly the same format as our standard .100" rectangular connectors but with some extremely useful features added: a lock/latch that securely holds the connectors together after they're seated, slots that only allow for connection in only one orientation, and a covered/sleeved male connector housing to shield male contacts from damage or shorts. The ease of use & assembly, and the relatively high current rating make these a great choice for many wiring projects. If the latching feature is undesirable, the latch can easily be cut off, and you still have a polarized, shielded connection.

Gold Terminals for .100" (2.54mm) Latching Polarized (LP) Housings

These terminals fit all of the .100" housings sold below. Phosphor bronze with gold plating gives these terminals the ability to withstand high wear in abusive environments and handle large currents with very low contact resistance. We also sell crimping tools for these terminals. Please note that these female and male terminals are different than the ones sold for our standard .100" rectangular and servo connectors. These will only work in our Latching Polarized (LP) connector housings.

.100" (2.54mm) Latching Polarized (LP) Housings and Headers

Below you'll find housings and headers for each size of LP connector that we stock. For each size, there is a female housing, a male housing, a male header with straight pins, and a male header with right angle pins. You can purchase each item in quantities as small as 2pcs, but larger quantities will be much cheaper per unit.