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Gold Single Row Straight Header - 40 Pin (Short) V2

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This is a specialized version of a standard 0.1" header strip. We designed these so that you can make smaller, lighter electronics. After the strip is soldered in place, the plastic casing is removed, revealing header pins that are held in place by the PCB only, and long enough to accept standard 0.1" connectors. The 4th image below shows the sequence.

The solder tail end of the header has also been made much shorter. When installed on a 1/16" PCB, the solder tail will barely protrude past flush, and you won't have to deal with the usual excess. Soldering can still be performed on thicker PCB's, just make sure your solder is properly wicking into the through-hole (and use more flux if it is not). The 5th photo below shows a comparison of our special short header to a standard header.

Connectors (PDF)
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