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Silicone Wire

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Silicone Servo & Battery Wire

Heavy gauge silicone-sheathed servo wire is being used on many of the newer high-torque digital servos now. "Silicone" only refers to the type of insulation used the jacket the copper strands - other than the insulation material this wire is same as our Deluxe Servo Wire in terms of quality and copper strands. The advantage of silicone insulation is that it is far more flexible and can endure more repeated flexing. Silicone insulation also has a much higher melting point than PVC so in a situation where wire may be exposed to high heat silicone is much better. We highly recommend using silicone wire for battery leads because it won't melt during a short. Silicone-insulated wire typically can't be fused together in a ribbon so it is often twisted together. We sell five colors separately so you can buy Futaba or JR colors, or just red & black if you want to make battery leads.

We only stock pure copper wire (we would never sell aluminum or copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire). Lately, we are more commonly stocking tin-coated copper wire, which means the pure copper strands are coated with tin, adding oxidation resistance with makes crimp resistance lower and soldering easier. Tin-coating the copper is purely an upgrade and has no disadvantages to bare copper.

  • Black 10ft for $3.25

  • Black 100ft for $24.38

  • Black 300ft for $66.89

  • Black 1,000ft for $200.66

  • Red 10ft for $3.25

  • Red 100ft for $24.38

  • Red 300ft for $66.89

  • Red 1,000ft for $200.66

  • White 10ft for $3.25

  • White 100ft for $24.38

  • White 300ft for $66.89

  • White 1,000ft for $200.66

  • Orange 10ft for $3.25

  • Orange 100ft for $24.38

  • Orange 300ft for $66.89

  • Orange 1,000ft for $200.66

  • Brown 10ft for $3.25

  • Brown 100ft for $24.38

  • Brown 300ft for $66.89

  • Brown 1,000ft for $200.66

Silicone Servo WireSilicone Servo Wire 20AWG
Super high strand count heavy wire with a flexible high-temp silicone insulation makes this the best wire around for high demand applications.

Silicone Twisted Servo Wire

This is the exact same wire which we sell by individual color above, but twisted into Futaba and JR color servo wire. Twisted 20AWG silicone is probably the very best material you can use for high-end installations with heavy duty servos, but it is also the most expensive solution.