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Deluxe Servo Wire - Ribbon

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Deluxe Servo Wire - Ribbon

Our deluxe servo wire has a high strand count copper and is very flexible so it can withstand vibration and repeated flexing. This is the type of wire used by most servo manufacturers. We carry a full range from super thick 18AWG to lightweight 28AWG in both Futaba and JR colors. For most applications, 22AWG is a good choice and that size is by far the most popular. If you have weight concerns you may consider using 26 or 28AWG. If you are running heavy duty servos and have long runs you may consider using 20AWG wire. 18AWG should only be used for special applications, and take note that 18AWG will not natively work with standard servo connectors and terminals.

We only stock pure copper wire (we would never sell aluminum or copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire). Lately, we are more commonly stocking tin-coated copper wire, which means the pure copper strands are coated with tin, adding oxidation resistance with makes crimp resistance lower and soldering easier. Tin-coating the copper is purely an upgrade and has no disadvantages to bare copper.

Deluxe Servo Wire - Futaba Colors

Deluxe Servo Wire - JR Colors