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Silicone Servo Wire 20AWG

  • Black 10ft for $3.30

  • Black 100ft for $27.95

  • Red 10ft for $3.30

  • Red 100ft for $27.95

  • White 10ft for $3.30

  • White 100ft for $27.95 - OUT OF STOCK!!

  • Orange 10ft for $3.30 - OUT OF STOCK!!

  • Orange 100ft for $27.95

  • Brown 10ft for $3.30

  • Brown 100ft for $27.95

This is the super heavy duty stuff some manufacturers are putting on their high torque digital servos. It has 99 fine strands of copper and very flexible silicone insulation which will not melt under high heat. Best applied in high current, high vibration applications, and perfect for making the battery leads on all your packs. Because silicone has such a high melting point if you every accidentally short out a battery pack you don't have to worry about the leads instantly melting and fusing together.

Silicone cannot be fused together in a ribbon so it is typically twisted together. We're selling five colors seperately rather than pretwisted so you can choose if you want to twist and how much. Twisting wire is very easy to do with an electric drill. You can also just order red and black if you just want to do battery leads. All orders 100ft and shorter will be custom cut to length (if you order 10ftx3 you will get one continuous 30ft length).

It seems silicone is more difficult to color, so the orange silicone comes a little on the peach side. Our camera close-up of the brown silicone makes it look a lot more purple than it actually is. The photo of the wire bundles gives a better representation.

STOCK NOTE: We currently have our orange 20AWG silicone wire in 10ft lengths only. So, for example, if you order 30ft, you will receive three 10-foot lengths.

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