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Economy Servo Wire 20AWG - Futaba Colors

  • 10ft for $4.08

  • 100ft for $28.54

  • 300ft for $72.78

  • 2000ft for $388.18

Our economy servo wire is high quality and suits many applications. It is not as flexible as other wire due to it's lower strand-count, and somewhat stiffer insulation, but this actually makes it easier to strip, crimp, and pull through wings. This is very heavy 20AWG wire that is suitable for long runs and/or larger servos. This is probably the only real 20AWG ribbon type servo wire available anywhere (much of what we see advertised as 20AWG is actually 22-23AWG).

Since this is a very heavy gauge wire it is more difficult to crimp and build connectors with, so you should take that into consideration when selecting servo wire. The trick to working with this wire is to shave down some of the insulation near the end so the crimp comes out nicer and the wire will fit into the plastic housing without too much of a fight.

Please note that all orders in quantities of 10ft will be shipped in 10ft lengths. Orders over 100ft will be custom cut (if you order 100ftx3 and 10ftx3 you will get one continuous 330ft length).

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