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Deluxe Servo Wire 22AWG - JR Colors

  • 10ft for $4.25

  • 100ft for $30.95

  • 300ft for $83.77

This is great wire; extremely flexible high strand-count copper. This wire will stand up to repeated flexing and vibrations. We recommend this wire for most standard and medium/heavy duty applications. We currently have 10ft, 100ft, and 300ft lengths in stock, so if you order 300ft and 10ftx2, you'll receive one continuous 300ft length and two 10ft lengths.

Attention: Some of our new stock has very brightly-colored insulation: The orange is closer to yellow and the brown is closer to purple. Please see image 4 below.

Please note: Some of our deluxe wire features a protective tin coating on the copper strands, which helps resist oxidation, reduce resistance in crimps, and make soldering easier. If you look at a cross section of the cut wire, you can see the copper color of the wire's core.

Buyer Beware: there are several outfits, including some of the big ones, that are labeling servo wire as much heavier than it actually is. We know this because we went around buying samples to measure. There is a chart in our Connectors (PDF) showing our findings.

Connectors (PDF)
Enlarged Image
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3 4

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