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3M™ Clear Heat Shrink Tubing (Polyolefin) - 3/4"

  • 1ft for $1.67

  • 5ft for $5.82

  • 10ft for $10.99

This polyolefin heat shrink tubing starts to shrink at about 212°F, is rated for 275°F continuous operation, is split resistant, mechanically tough, and has a 2:1 shrink ratio. It is not crystal clear, but clear enough to read through and discern color codes for parts like resistors.

Please take note when ordering: All orders under 5ft will be supplied in 1ft lengths (so if you order 4ft you'll get 4 1ft pieces). Any quantity 5ft or greater will be custom cut to length. However, if you order 10ft, you will receive two 5 ft lengths.

Connectors (PDF)
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